New Batman/Wonder Woman Series Reportedly In The Works –

DC is reportedly developing a new, ongoing team-up series featuring Batman and Wonder Woman, according to a report from industry news and rumor site Bleeding Cool.

The series will be drawn by former Wonder Woman artist Liam Sharp, who has been working on the Dark Nights: Metal event since leaving Wonder Woman and has teased an exciting upcoming project numerous times.

Bleeding Cool heard the rumors at Stan Lee’s comic con in Los Angeles this past weekend, and have few other details.

There have been two previous Batman/Superman team-up series launched as ongoing books at DC, and one for Superman/Wonder Woman (in The New 52, when they were a couple). Rumors of a Batman/Wonder Woman series have existed for a few years but there were few details and little clarity on how credible the rumors were.

The upcoming Justice League movie has cast Batman and Wonder Woman as partners in the founding of the Justice League, and it seems likely a comic teaming the two on a monthly basis might be working to take advantage of that dynamic.

Of course, there has been a vocal portion of fandom who have shipped the two characters for quite a while, especially since the Justice League animated series. Elements of that were recently touched on in the Metal tie-in Batman: The Merciless, in which an alternate Earth’s version of Bruce Wayne was in love with Wonder Woman before her apparent death — but then lost his mind when he became the new god of war and was actually responsible for her death when it turned out she was not yet dead.

DC has had no comment yet on the report.

Batman/Wonder Woman #1 is reportedly coming to comic shops in February 2018.

New Batman/Wonder Woman Series Reportedly In The Works –

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