Longer than a football field, Ken Griffin’s beach home praised for its modesty – Chicago Tribune

It’s longer than a football field and contains 33,500 square feet of oceanfront living space — but what will soon be one of the biggest houses in Palm Beach, Fla., has planning officials scratching their heads.

How come the Tahitian village-inspired home that Illinois’ richest man is building on his $130 million-plus estate is so small?

It “defies logic” that Citadel hedge fund titan Ken Griffin, 47, would build on just 7 percent of the gargantuan 11 1/2-acre holding he has cobbled together from four lots in the ritzy town’s exclusive billionaire’s row, Palm Beach Architectural Commissioner Robert Garrison recently told the Palm Beach Daily News.

But perhaps Griffin, who helped bankroll the campaigns of several establishment Republicans vanquished by Donald Trump in the presidential primaries this year, is sending a message about discretion to his new neighbor. Trump’s famous Mar-a-Lago club is just a quarter-mile north along the beach.

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