Chamorro: Nicaragua protests must be ‘peaceful’

Nicaragua is facing “a national revolt by all kinds of people – not only students and people from the working sector,” one of the country’s opposition leaders has said.

Juan Sebastian Chamorro, of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy told Hardtalk’s Stephen Sackur it was important the protests were conducted “in the most peaceful manner”.

Mr Chamorro said that ongoing peaceful protests were the best way to bring about change in his country.

Hundreds of people have been killed in Nicaragua since April 2018 in what has become a popular uprising against the Central American country’s president, Daniel Ortega, and his government.

Downward spiral: Nicaragua’s worsening crisis

You can see the Hardtalk interview in full on Tuesday 14 August 2018 on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel and after on BBC iPlayer (UK only).

Chamorro: Nicaragua protests must be ‘peaceful’

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