Italy quake: Dog survives nine days in Amatrice rubble

A golden retriever has been rescued from the rubble of an earthquake that killed at least 290 people in central Italy more than a week ago. Fire brigade officers had gone with Romeo’s owners to get some of their belongings from their destroyed house, when they heard the sound of barking. The dog drank some […]

New images of Jupiter released

NASA has released spectacular images of Jupiter that have never been seen before. They were taken by the Juno space probe and capture detail that no other space mission has ever managed to photograph. Scientists say the mission will give an unparalleled understanding of the largest planet in our solar system. Rebecca Morelle reports. New […]

Traitor! Hot dog! Pig! Hong Kong’s election – in insults

Hong Kong is poised for legislative elections on 4 September – and tensions are running high. Rival groups have come up with colourful ways of referring to one another, as the BBC’s Helier Cheung explains. Produced by: Mohamed Madi Traitor! Hot dog! Pig! Hong Kong’s election – in insults

BBC Pop Up: Communal twist on Russian weekend escape

At a dacha commune near Moscow, residents relax and entertain the BBC Pop Up team. BBC Pop Up, the company’s travelling bureau, has relocated to Russia for a month in order to film stories suggested by their viewers. Get involved with Pop Up now through their website and send your story ideas to them via […]

G20 in Hangzhou: Tight security in an empty city

This weekend, the Chinese city of Hangzhou will host the G20 summit. Hangzhou itself has been emptied out – in the name of security – with many residents taking advantage of the generous travel vouchers on offer from the authorities. But as John Sudworth discovers, speaking to those who have remained is proving challenging. G20 […]

Mother Teresa ‘cured my tumour’

In 2002, the Vatican ruled that an Indian woman’s stomach tumour had been miraculously cured after prayers to Mother Teresa. Monica Besra, who lives in a remote village in eastern India, considers Mother Teresa to be like God. Here is the story of the Roman Catholic nun’s first “miracle”. Filmed and edited by Neha Sharma, […]

Why is Samsung recalling its new phone?

Samsung Electronics is recalling its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and said that battery problems were behind phones catching fire. Rory Cellan-Jones explains why. Why is Samsung recalling its new phone?

‘The archetypal dictator’ dies

It has been confirmed that the president of Uzbekistan has died, following days of speculation that his 26 year rule was over. Islam Karimov came to power as a Communist leader, and banned all political opposition and independent media in the country. Human rights groups say as many as 12,000 political prisoners are in jail […]

Aftermath of Japan’s typhoon

Typhoon Lionrock has left widespread damage and flooding in northern Japan. Hundreds of people remain in shelters, and rescuers are continuing to look for survivors. Aftermath of Japan’s typhoon

US Navy plane overshoots landing on naval carrier

See the moment a US Navy radar plane attempted to land on an aircraft carrier, but failed after a cable that was meant to slow it down snapped. The aircraft went off the front of the ship, completely disappearing from sight, in the incident last March. Eight crew members on the USS Eisenhower suffered broken […]